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ADM Lifesequencing, a pioneering sequencing company offering services for understanding the microbial world

Our services

Understanding microbial ecologies

  • Complex sample characterization (16S rRNA, ITS, metagenome, metatranscriptome)
  • Strain functional evaluation, safety and regulatory assessment through whole genome sequencing
  • Clinical trials follow-up and bio-statistics

Nutrition through microbiome

  • DIY kits (Feelgut and private label)
  • Food and well-being recommendations
  • Monitoring lifestyle goals

Food fraud and safety evaluation

  • Contamination with allergens
  • Counterfeiting monitoring
  • Genotyping by Sequencing

Ad-hoc Sequencing services

  • Strategy development to prevent contamination
  • Exome sequencing, Small RNA, RNAseq, differential transcriptome…
  • Bioinformatics, advanced analytics, and results discussion

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ADM Lifesequencing


  • Illumina certified provider

  • Working with the latest technologies

  • Experience with industry and academic requirements

  • Experts in understanding the microbial world 

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